George Reith

George is our resident writer and loudmouth. In between bouts of level design, script writing and sherry drinking, he can be found ranting about any topic under the sun. He is known for his sharp suits and even sharper wit. Always proactive, but not necessarily good at his job, George is the Paul McCartney of Third Nerve. His favourite games include Zelda: Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy 4 and LSD: Dream Simulator.

Morrison "Moses" Cole

The smartest code monkey around, Mo is the central cog in the engine of Third Nerve. Studying Computer Science at University College London, Mo supplemented his outrageous nerd skills by working with Mozilla and Shazam (and by playing a crap load of MOBAs). In his free time you'll find him coding the enigma machine, writing heart-melting symphonies and rocking a sweet head of hair. Facilitating our wildest fantasies, he is Third Nerve's George Martin. His favourite games include Neverwinter Nights, Halo 2 and Populous: The Beginning.

Jon "Lite-Black" Buckby

Mostly harmless, Jon handles all our art. Alternating focus between the sciences and the arts, Jon blends the best of both worlds (and isn't always caught in the resulting explosions). Introspective and creative, he's our very own George Harrison. His favourite games include Metroid Prime, Boktai and Dwarf Fortress (yes, he's a tad masocistic).

Tris Edwards

Tris writes a lot of code too and, wielding the crazy knowledge culled from his physics degree at Manchester University, he handles the physics engines that give our games that extra oomph. You don't notice he's there until he's gone and gravity stops working in our games, making him our equivalent to Ringo Starr. He likes to surf and play games in his off hours. His favourite titles include Guild Wars 2, Wargame: Airland Battle and League of Legends.

James Reith

Forming the second (and arguably superior) half of the Reith Bros. duo, James pens scripts, minces words and handles our social media and marketing. Without him you probably wouldn't know who we are. He plays a lot of guitars, sings a lot of songs and is packing a masters degree in English Literature. The crazy genius who comes to the fore just as we need him, he's our modern day John Lennon. His favourite games include Ico, Grim Fandango and Deadly Premonition.