At Third Nerve, we believe in creative freedom and artistic ambition above all else. We are not your average indie developer, possessing the vision and dedication of a AAA developer without the conservative design associated with blockbuster projects. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then we’re looking for you. We're always searching for designers, programmers, testers and artists that share our passion. If you think you'd fit in, send your CV over to and we'll get in touch. Below are the kinds of roles we're looking to fill, and their associated responsibilities/requirements.

What we offer:
  • Shares (negotiable). Whilst we can't offer regular salaries at our current scale, we're open to discussing various forms of payment.
  • Flexible working hours
  • The chance to make your mark on exciting new games
  • The opportunity to work with a varied team of talented developers
  • Regular company trips to gaming events (conferences, expos etc.)
  • Regular company team building exercises aka League of Legends. But don’t take the carry.
What we value:
  • World-building - Immersion is our highest prerogative
  • Storytelling - We want to be the Tolstoy, Proust and Nabokov of the games industry, all rolled into one
  • Audio-visual design - Founded by classically trained musicians and artists, you won’t find 8-bit anywhere in sight (though we do love 8-bit)
  • Relevant gameplay - we draw mechanics from our worlds and stories; every step, jump and super-dragon-fist-blast is meaningful

Are you a CS student/experience programmer/enigmatic bedroom coder? Tired of working on two man teams with no focus or organisation? At Third Nerve we treat our software well. We’ve founded our development process upon the bedrock of modern Agile principles; regularly pair-reviewing, refactoring and re-architecting our projects to perfection. You know the drill. The point is, we care about our code, and we hope you will too.

Minimum requirements:
  • A varied portfolio of previous/current projects (code please!)
  • Superb organisational skills and strong self-motivation
  • Experience with C#/.NET and/or Java
  • Your soul (Just kidding)
Desirable attributes:
  • A BSc/MEng in Computer Science (current students are more than welcome)
  • Previous experience developing interactive software or games
  • Extensive experience of C#/.NET and/or Java
  • A passion for original and innovative game design

No mere website awaits - as our first web developer, you will be responsible for front-end and back-end operations, including overseeing integration with critical sections of our latest games. Leaderboards, integrated web-views, community areas are the name of the game here. What’s more - we’re flexible.

Minimum requirements:
  • A varied portfolio of live websites
  • Superb organisational skills and strong self-motivation
  • Experience with some of HTML5, Javascript, Ruby, Python or similar
  • Your unborn children
Desirable attributes:
  • A BSc/MEng in Computer Science (current students are more than welcome)
  • Extensive experience in any of HTML5, Javascript, Ruby, Python etc
  • Experience with C#/.NET

Whether you work in digital or print media, we're a big fan of those trained in the visual arts. The imagery within games can shape them into amazing work and it is important to have strong artists to produce great imagery. If you think that we should be aware of your skills and talents, send a portfolio and a CV over.

What we can offer you:
  • Experience within a working games studio.
  • Negotiable working hours, (office hours are for offices)
  • Attribution for all work contributed to a project, the creators of work will not be forgotten
  • A tolerant and supportive atmosphere, fully breathable as well
What you can offer us:
  • A proactive, professional and positive attitude
  • An ability to work with others constructively (there is no I in art)
  • An ability to adapt and develop as an artist (explode like a creative caesium reaction)
  • A healthy amount of initiative
  • Punctuality and professional organisational skills
  • Flexible attitudes towards art and visual design (no snobbery or anti-snobbery please)

Making games is one thing, breaking them is another. If you’re the kind of person who has a knack for finding holes in others’ logic, you’ll be right at home with our developers. You're our last line of defence against the critical eye of the public, so we need you there to make sure we haven't screwed up!

Minimum requirements:
  • A keen eye for details
  • Superb organisational skills and strong self-motivation
  • The ability to communicate game issues in a concise and timely manner
  • Basic working knowledge of most game genres and their respective mechanics
Desirable attributes:
  • Working knowledge of C#/.NET and/or Java
  • Experience in software testing/development
  • Enough helpful friends and family members to test local multiplayer content